Professional Reflections


Whilst much of my blog is currently devoted to my forty challenges, those challenges will be completed in early 2016. My day job, as Principal of Lincoln UTC, is my other ‘passion’ in life. I’m challenged in so many other ways through my work and I endlessly reflect on my learning and development.

This year I am encouraging my colleagues to reflect more openly on their professional development through a medium of their choice. Whether it is blogs, posts or books they have read, courses attended, aspects considered, teaching reflected on…it matters not what they are reflecting on, but that they are taking a moment to reflect and therefore grow from their experiences. My chosen medium is a blog. I haven’t blogged before, other than random chatter about my 40 challenges, but I read a number of impressive blogs by thoughtful, intelligent, considered practitioners. I won’t be writing for an audience per se, but writing to consolidate my thinking and subsequent actions. I’ll encourage my colleagues to take a look, comment and critique my writing, and I hope that it will encourage reflective, honest and developmental dialogue in the UTC throughout the forthcoming year.