An Unexpected Opportunity


Paul managed to delay his flight back to work in KSA so we had an extra day to spend in London. I had another experience on the list to enjoy, a day at London Zoo, so I remortgaged the house and we headed to Regents Park in the rain! Paul spent many of his childhood years in the zoo, and having heard about his love for the place I was keen to go and see for myself. Like many people, the sight of tigers caged up feels wrong to me but the delight seen in the escapades of the Penguins made me feel a little more chipper! So, thank you to my new found friends at the zoo for making us laugh in the rain!

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Ma’am like Spam!


This was one of various pieces of advice I was offered by my friends before I headed to London to attend the Queen’s Garden Party! It was a huge privilege to be invited and the efforts that have gone into getting us there on the day have been considerable…mostly because of the need to wear a proper dress and hat! I’m most comfortable in the kit that I train in but the Royal Palace demanded much higher standards! My husband flew in from working in KSA for the day and we made the most of a wonderful opportunity.

We were really fortunate to meet Sam Twistelton and her husband Ian in the gardens. Having followed her on Twitter and admired her work it was great to meet another Twitter buddy and feel like we had known one another for years! And she was the one person who took our photo (because we followed the rules and left our phones at the hotel!) so we have her to thank for our two memorable snaps…memories of a great day, the best cake I’ve eaten in a long time and Paul eating four ice creams in one go!! #oink

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The Ballet


Challenge 18…go to the ballet…I decided to invite our students to join me for the opportunity and six of them said ‘yes’! With my colleagues Jane and Robert, we ended the term and headed off to Nottingham to watch the Birmingham Royal Ballet Company perform three separate pieces. We started at Wagamama’s, nearly ended up watching Lulu due to an incorrect entrance decision, but we’re glad to settle in our seats to watch the performances. They were very different in style, tempo and appearance but their movements were spell binding throughout. Second interval chocolate was munched with glee and we clapped our palms off at the end of the third performance…sending us home with smiles. Thanks to our students for a really enjoyable evening and end to the term. Happy half term!




In the fifth month of my year I’ve achieved 12 of my 40 challenges. I’m a little behind schedule but have the Ballet next Friday, Buckingham Palace the week after…and three more challenges to think up. Can anyone help me?!

Plus…I still have over £4k to raise for charity..cough up peeps!

Challenge 14 – The Lincoln Colour Run


I had managed to persuade my colleague, Holly, that she should take part in the Colour Run with me. She spent the week before the event in a dental nightmare, having dental surgery, on antibiotics and with a swollen face that drew sympathy from the most unsympathetic people we know!

Despite all this (and being flattened by Nick on the morning of the race and twisting her ankle!) we still managed to line up at the start of the race in grand spirits. And then….she ran and ran and ran and ran! It was superb…there was paint everywhere, lots of laughter and nattering (from me so she didn’t think about breathing or sore legs!) and before we knew it we were coloured from head to toe and making our way across the finish line in under 40 minutes.

I’m super duper proud of Holly for being such a tough cookie and even more chuffed that she is ready for a new challenge…The Muddy Run is waiting for us all in July! Whatever will come next?!


Challenge 24…the update…


I have learnt that relaxing is not at all boring and is actually quite good for me. Having said that, after our evening at Eden Hall it’s been flat out busy busy busy! Well, at least I managed one evening! Only one photo to share, we were too busy lazing about in the pools and spa areas and generally doing nowt!


Challenge 24


Friday night is spa night! Aggi and I are heading over to Eden Hall Hotel in Nottinghamshire for a very relaxing evening. We couldn’t fit in a whole day (there’s a surprise!) but we figured a night out would be a perfect end to the working week and a great start to the weekend. Photos to follow!