Professional Development


I’m in the process of preparing for Professional Development meetings this forthcoming week. Every line manager has their own way of structuring and delivering the meeting but I’ve been considering how to ensure that we create a core structure that staff can utilise of they wish, or ensure they meet the essential criteria as they design their own meeting structure.

I have decided to locate my meetings in front of my trusty, monstrous whiteboard – a perfect location to scribble down thoughts, ideas and reflection as they tumble from the reviewee. It takes away some of the intensity of a 1:1 meeting, enables us both to draw / add / erase ideas as they emerge and captures the essence of the meeting without formal minutes needing to be taken.

In terms of structure, I plan to hang the meeting around the following areas (draft one of structure):

  1. Tell me what a great year would look like for you.
  2. How will you know that it happened?
  3. What strengths and areas of expertise do you already have that will help you to succeed in achieving your ‘great year’? (Refer to Teacher Standards Audit, where applicable).
    1. How could you use these strengths to support the development of other colleagues or the wider development of the UTC?
  4. What do you need to develop or do differently to achieve your ‘great year’ goals? (Again, refer to Teacher Standards Audit and any other relevant information the member of staff has provided).
  5. How will you develop these areas? (i.e. CPD, training, coaching, mentoring, personal reflection, reading, colleagues to learn from or collaborate with).
  6. Who else might influence your success in your targets? Do you need to collaborate with other staff to enable success?
  7. How will you reflect on your development through the year? How will you format / structure your professional learning ‘journal’ (PLJ)?
  8. How can I assist you in my role as your line manager?
  9. Would you be comfortable sharing your PLJ developments with another colleague informally so that you can share, reflect and develop your thinking? If so, who do you think you would like to collaborate with? (Ask staff to set these informal relationships up).
  10. Is there anything we haven’t considered in the meeting that you would like to explore?
  11. Run through the plans for the remainder of the year:
    1. Informal PLJ collaborations in Term 2 CPD sessions.
    2. Formal interim review of progress in Term 3.
    3. Informal PLJ collaborations in Term 4 CPD sessions.
    4. Formal final review of progress in Term 6.

I’ll share this outline with my colleagues this week to see if they have any ‘marginal gain’ development points.

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