Catching Up!


I’ve been pretty slack with keeping this blog up to date so I thought I’d do a quick update on how far I’ve got with my challenges. So far I have completed the following:

  1. Learnt to alpine ski.
  2. Learnt to cross-country ski…and fall over!
  3. Had a gliding lesson…and felt quite sick.
  4. Ran in the Newark Anarchy Adventure Race, took three and a half hours, got very muddy and spent an hour in the shower trying to wash it all off!
  5. Spent a whole day in my PJs doing nothing but relaxing (I’ve never done this before!!). I actually spent a whole weekend with Paul in South Yorkshire, genuinely doing nothing but laze around and LOVED IT!
  6. Had a clay pigeon shooting lesson with my Mum and dad on Mum’s 70th. Dad was awesome, Mum was good and I was hopeless!
  7. Learnt to use crampons and ice axes in the mountains…February half term. Blogged it before.
  8. Ate in a Michelin Star Restaurant. Paul didn’t enjoy it, I was more shocked at the price.
  9. Spent half term in Scotland on a Winter Mountaineering training course.
  10. Milked a cow.
  11. Assisted in the birth of an animal…well, none were born the day I was on the farm so instead I looked after a poorly calf and fed it from the biggest baby bottle I ever saw in my life.
  12. Completed the first Lincoln Colour Run.
  13. Climbed the Stenigot Tower.
  14. Went to the ballet.
  15. Went to Paris for the first time.
  16. Attended the Buckingham Palace Garden Party and meet the Queen!
  17. Went to London Zoo.
  18. Gave blood. Technically, I tried to give blood but I’m not allowed to because my veins were uselessly small.
  19. Went on a relaxation spa evening with Aggi. And we plan to go again soon.
  20. Climbed to the summit of one of the seven summits of the world, Mount Elbrus. Climbed to within 800 metres of the summit but due to bad weather had to turn back. So technically not achieved, but the closest we could have got.
  21. Opened Lincoln UTC in our new building.
  22. Went to Russia for the first time.
  23. Completed the 100km Race to the Stones. Actually, got to 70km and then my feet fell off and I had to withdraw. Going back next year for another go!
  24. Working towards a Doctoral Diploma in Strategic Leadership – I’m still plodding along.
  25. Proudly attended Q’s Graduation from Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (and resist the urge to run across the parade square waving my arms in the air). Photos to follow.
  26. Took Mollie on a low ropes and high ropes course.

So, 26 challenges achieved on 5th October 2015 and 14 remaining. Update on progress is:

  1. Going to a Foo Fighters concert later this month.
  2. Taking part in the Crystal Maze challenge – waiting for Claire to fix the date.
  3. Climbing a big mountain in December 2015. Booked to climb three peaks in Morocco over New Year.
  4. Keeping a blog and photo diary of my 40th year…I’m still trying!
  5. Learn to ride a Penny Farthing. Struggling with this one, cant find a bike!
  6. Learn to Roller-Ski. Again, struggling to get on a course, might have to wait until the New Year.
  7. Design and make a silver spoon. Ready to book a weekend in November to do this.
  8. Send a message in a bottle. Going to do this with Bex when she comes home next weekend.
  9. Bury a time capsule. Not sure where or when…anyone got any ideas?
  10. Enter and complete a Cani-Cross race with Pippa. Missed the last race of the season – might have to put this into 2016.
  11. Complete the lakes open water swim race – 2.6 miles. Missed the race as we had to move the Russian expedition dates. Maybe replace with a similar challenge?
  12. Go on a meditation weekend. Replaced with ‘Go on a relaxing week with my Mum and take part in meditation’. We are off to Crete for October half term for exercise, meditation, yoga and sun!
  13. Raised £4,040.40 for charity. The money is slowly adding up. have you sponsored me yet?
  14. One space for one final challenge. Any bright ideas??!!

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