Ma’am like Spam!


This was one of various pieces of advice I was offered by my friends before I headed to London to attend the Queen’s Garden Party! It was a huge privilege to be invited and the efforts that have gone into getting us there on the day have been considerable…mostly because of the need to wear a proper dress and hat! I’m most comfortable in the kit that I train in but the Royal Palace demanded much higher standards! My husband flew in from working in KSA for the day and we made the most of a wonderful opportunity.

We were really fortunate to meet Sam Twistelton and her husband Ian in the gardens. Having followed her on Twitter and admired her work it was great to meet another Twitter buddy and feel like we had known one another for years! And she was the one person who took our photo (because we followed the rules and left our phones at the hotel!) so we have her to thank for our two memorable snaps…memories of a great day, the best cake I’ve eaten in a long time and Paul eating four ice creams in one go!! #oink

image image

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