Challenge 14 – The Lincoln Colour Run


I had managed to persuade my colleague, Holly, that she should take part in the Colour Run with me. She spent the week before the event in a dental nightmare, having dental surgery, on antibiotics and with a swollen face that drew sympathy from the most unsympathetic people we know!

Despite all this (and being flattened by Nick on the morning of the race and twisting her ankle!) we still managed to line up at the start of the race in grand spirits. And then….she ran and ran and ran and ran! It was superb…there was paint everywhere, lots of laughter and nattering (from me so she didn’t think about breathing or sore legs!) and before we knew it we were coloured from head to toe and making our way across the finish line in under 40 minutes.

I’m super duper proud of Holly for being such a tough cookie and even more chuffed that she is ready for a new challenge…The Muddy Run is waiting for us all in July! Whatever will come next?!


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