Challenge 23


It is the morning of Sunday 19th April and I must admit to feeling a little nervous. It’s the day of my 23rd challenge…and this was really does feel like a challenge to me. At 12.15pm I will be meeting a friend, Lou, at Lincoln County Hospital, ready to give blood. This is the first time I have ever given blood. I have wanted to over the years but I struggle with a fear of needles. I have had lots of them stuck in me over the years, but it’s not something I enjoy in any way, shape or form!

A number of friends and colleagues have experienced their loved ones needing assistance from medical services, and many of these have included receiving blood. The blood banks only exist because of the generosity of so many people across the country, many of whom go year-on-year to donate and maintain these vital supplies. With such a small act, half an hour sat donating a pint of blood and drinking a cup of tea, the life of another person could be saved. This is the year for me to overcome my fear and give for other people. Fear is there to be overcome. Bring on the tea and biscuits!

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