Challenge 24


Friday night is spa night! Aggi and I are heading over to Eden Hall Hotel in Nottinghamshire for a very relaxing evening. We couldn’t fit in a whole day (there’s a surprise!) but we figured a night out would be a perfect end to the working week and a great start to the weekend. Photos to follow!

Challenge 23


It is the morning of Sunday 19th April and I must admit to feeling a little nervous. It’s the day of my 23rd challenge…and this was really does feel like a challenge to me. At 12.15pm I will be meeting a friend, Lou, at Lincoln County Hospital, ready to give blood. This is the first time I have ever given blood. I have wanted to over the years but I struggle with a fear of needles. I have had lots of them stuck in me over the years, but it’s not something I enjoy in any way, shape or form!

A number of friends and colleagues have experienced their loved ones needing assistance from medical services, and many of these have included receiving blood. The blood banks only exist because of the generosity of so many people across the country, many of whom go year-on-year to donate and maintain these vital supplies. With such a small act, half an hour sat donating a pint of blood and drinking a cup of tea, the life of another person could be saved. This is the year for me to overcome my fear and give for other people. Fear is there to be overcome. Bring on the tea and biscuits!

Challenge 9…Michelin Star Experience


Paul took me to Paris as a belated birthday present and chose a hotel housing their own Michelin Star restaurant, Il Carpaccio. We had the pleasure of dining there last night. I’m not sure what I expected but after the most delightful champagne, we enjoyed the set menu…I say enjoyed…Paul wasn’t overly impressed (though he was paying the bill!) and I enjoyed the experience of many new tastes and flavours. I couldn’t take many photos as it was a little posh and I felt very self conscious whipping the iPad out! We had a great time, ending in taking a box of 12 macaroons to the lounge for coffee…yum!!

Another superb challenge and experience, thank you so much for taking me away and making me feel very special!


image image image

Number 19…*tick*!


We have just returned from a wonderful couple of days in Paris. These challenges were a great idea. I hadn’t seen Paul for three months so it was so nice to be together in a beautiful city, relaxing and seeing the sights. I was well and truly spoilt as my birthday treat…Eurostar to Paris, collected by a Range Rover Vogue with blacked out windows and chauffeured around Paris for an hour whilst we drank champagne!


We arrived at our hotel, The Royal Monceau, which was designed by Philip Starky. It is truly magnificent. Our room included a bedroom, dressing room, bathroom and lounge…with details and treats to make my heart skip! I enjoyed opening all the little special boxes, checking out the lights and the two wall-size televisions and feeling like a Princess! We spent the rest of the day walking the Champs Élysées, relaxing and enjoying the sun and sights. Dinner was taken in the hotel, cocktails and wine with three courses including asparagus, gambas, beef fillet and a chocolate- heaven dessert!


The next day we hit all the sights…Notre Dame, Louvre, Pompidou Centre, Grand Palace, Little Palace, Jardin de Tuilleres, Eiffel Tour…we walked miles and enjoyed the views. Back to the hotel for a bath….biggest bath I have ever seen!…and to dinner. But that’s for another post!


A lazy start the next day, another gorgeous breakfast fit for a king and then off to Gare du Nord to catch the Eurostar. Premier class this time, with lunch served, before catching the train at Kings Cross to head home. An amazing few days away, I loved living the high life!!


Photos to follow…