Planning for #10


My old Uni friend, Andi Puddicombe, is an expert in the art of meditation and truly understands the benefits it brings to life. I understand the theory, the rationale, exactly why I should be meditating but struggle, in my hectic life, to make time focus fully in order to meditate effectively. I’ve tried his Headspace app and each time I either fall asleep or become distracted as my thoughts ‘wander off’. This new job has brought a whole new level of challenge and stress, with my time-management skills and work-balance being truly tested to their limits. I know that this year I need to get to grips with how I balance all aspects of my life. I have been searching online and found a Meditation Centre down in East Sussex. I’ve booked on to a meditation weekend in late May and, realising that this is a long time coming, I have also located a Transcendental Meditation Centre in Sheffield. Hopefully I can take some introductory classes there in the next month or so and start to find some headspace of my own.

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